intelligent inserter


Intelligent Inserting

You just got a fully automated machine to insert all of your bills

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have access to an inserting machine that would fold and insert your bills into envelopes automatically? Well, now you can by simply outsourcing the printing and mailing of your bills to Xpedient!

Our inserting equipment is built for transactional mail. It will fold and insert one or more pages into each envelope. It handles situations where one customer has a single bill page and another has multiple bill pages. To be sure each page goes into the correct envelope, the inserter reads barcodes printed on the paper. (Don’t worry, we add the barcodes to the paper so there is nothing that you have to do.) The barcodes control the machine and if a barcode is not read properly, the machine will stop. 

Our inserters can handle custom applications. For example, lets say that you mail bills to consumers and to businesses and you want to insert a full color flyer into only the bills going to businesses. We can program the barcodes (that are printed on the bills) so the inserter will only place the flyer into envelopes with bills going to businesses. Another example is return envelopes. If you have customers that are on auto-draft, we can program the job so that return envelopes are omitted from only those customers. 

  1. Folds and Inserts documents all in line.
  2. Accumulates and folds multiple bills (or bill continuation pages) going to the same recipient and inserts them into a single envelope.
  3. Double sheet detectors on all insert stations. 
  4. Miss detectors on all insert stations. 
  5. Capable of inserting the primary document as well as up to 6 additional inserts, such as return envelopes, newsletters or flyers.
  6. Seals & meters envelopes with proper postage.