Postage Savings

We save you money on postage

Every year postage goes up ,and every year Xpedient enhances our ability to gain the maximum available discounts for our customers.  We presort your mail using USPS approved systems so that you get the absolute lowest postage obtainable.

  • Mailpieces going to the same recipient can be automatically inserted into the same envelope
  • All mailings are presorted for maximum postage discounts
  • Each envelope is barcoded with USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode
  • With a new postal reg, some mailings of 2 ounce letters are the same cost as 1 ounce letter. Depending on your situation, this could be a HUGE savings!

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We do the work – you get the benefits

It is not easy keeping with USPS regulations. That’s why Xpedient’s customers “get out of” the mail business and leave the details to the experts!  We keep our systems running smoothly and ensure that your mailings always meet the standards required to receive automation mail presorted postage rates.

  • CASS Certified software is utilized to validate mailing addresses
  • All addresses are processed with the NCOA (National Change of Address) system
  • Proper IM Barcodes are printed on each and every envelope
  • Barcodes are printed at the correct density and size
  • Proper envelopes and paper are always utilized
  • Mailpieces are sorted using GOLD PAVE™ Certified postal presorting software
  • Xpedient can process all service types: First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, Periodicals, Bound Printed Matter, Flats, Irregular Parcels, and Machinable Parcels
  • Carrier Route (Walk Sequence and Line of Travel)
  • Mailings are presented electronically utilizing Mail.dat for PostalOne! (Compatible with MAILdb™ and DAT-MAIL®) using the Full Service Mailing option which gains additional discounts
  • Mail trays are barcoded with IM Barcoded tray tags
  • Standard Mail Entry point discounts for DSCF, DNDC, DADC and DDU to all BMEU Facilities
  • Proper USPS documentation and qualification reports are created for each mailing such as 3541, 3600R, 3600EZ, 3602EZ, 3602G, 3602R, 3602N, 3602NZ, 3605R, 8125, 3553


2014 First Class Mail  (Letter Size) – Postage Comparison


Normal Rate

Non-Presorted Mail
  • If you are not presorting, then you are paying this rate.

Mixed AADC Rate

Automation Presorted Mail
  • If your mailing does not have more than 150 mail pieces going to the same AADC, the mail pieces are charged at this rate.
  • Save 11.2%

AADC & 3 Digit

Automation Presorted Rate
  • 150 or more mailpieces going to the same AADC or 3-digit zip code
  • Save 17.1%


5 Digit Letters

Automation Presorted Postage
  • 150 or more mailpieces going to the same 5-digit zip code
  • Save 22.2%


What is my rate?

This is a great question. First, in order to receive any postage discount for First Class Mail, you must mail at least 500 in a single mailing. So, if your mail cycles are daily, and you don’t reach 500 each day, your rate will probably be at the normal postage rate of .49/each. However, this is something that we definitely would want to discuss because there may be a way to work around the 500 minimum. Second, if you mail more than 500 in a mailing, it really depends on the location of the mailing addresses.

Here are two ways we can help you determine your postage cost:

  1. Submit us a mailing list and we will process it using our mailing software. Using this free option, we can tell you the exact postage cost.
  2. We can try to guestimate. For example, if your mailing consists of 1,000 letters/bills going to the same 5 digit zip code, your postage will be .381 each or a total of $381. If your mailing consists of 1,000 letters/bills going to 1,000 different zip codes, then your postage will probably be .435 each or a total of $435.