20 reasons why you should quit printing & mailing bills in house.

checkbox Don’t Lock Yourself to Your Accounting Software

By utilizing our services, you are not locked to your accounting software. We are independent. You can change your accounting software at any time without worrying about affecting your customers and their ability to view and pay bills online or receive their bills in the mail.

checkbox We’re Easy to Do Business With

We make the setup process easy. No need to involve programmers or concern yourself with extended implementation times. 

checkbox Transparent Access to Your Documents

All of your documents are 100% accessible at any time by your authorized employees.  

checkbox It’s easy to setup

Provide us with your bills and documents in PDF format. We take it from there. Can’t create PDF’s? Call us, we can help.

checkbox It’s easy to use our services

Create your bills as normal with your existing software. Instead of printing them, “print” to PDF and upload them. Our system will route your bills based on your customers preference. Nothing to do on your part.

checkbox Reduce postage cost by presorting

If you mail more than 500 documents at a time, we can presort them and print in USPS AUTOMATION sequence. Your postage rate drops significantly!

checkbox Reduce postage cost by mailing multiple documents to the same household in a single envelopes

Our system has the capability to group multiple documents going to the exact same address. Save 100% of the postage each times this happens!

checkbox Get bills to customers faster

We print and mail your bills in 1 business day. 

checkbox Your bills travel through the USPS faster

We add proper Intelligent Mail Bar codes to your mail pieces that speed your mail pieces through the postal service network.

checkbox Find out when your customers move

Every time a piece of mail is processed by our service, we check the mailing address against the USPS National Change of Address system. If the recipient has moved, we automatically change the address to their forwarding address and let you know so that you can update your system.

checkbox Stop wasting postage mailing to invalid addresses

We can suppress any mail piece that does not have a valid address. Why mail it if it is just going to get returned?

checkbox No more bills getting mixed up between customers

Our inserting equipment utilizes barcodes that are printed on each sheet of paper. This ensures that the correct page is inside the correct envelope. 

checkbox No more laser printer and toner costs

Have you bought toner lately?  If so, you know how expensive it is. Not to mention drums and maintenance. 

checkbox No need to purchase or maintain inserting equipment. 

Service calls can cost $125 per hour. Parts break and then you are down for a day. 

 checkbox No more dependence on employees to get the invoices in the mail.

People call in sick.  We don’t. 

 checkbox No more hand stuffing

If you value your employee time, you will not want to waste it stuffing envelopes

checkbox No more driving the mail to the post office

More employee time wasted, not including gas. It probably costs $25 to take the mail to the post office.

checkbox No more ordering envelopes and paper

Ever had that sinking feeling when you went to the storeroom and there are no envelopes to be found? Not to mention the cost of the envelopes.

checkbox Free up storage space for other items

If you don’t have to store envelopes and paper, then you can use that valuable space for more important items.

checkbox No more poor print quality issues

We make you look good to your customers. The print quality is always top notch!