The Absolute Easiest Way to Print/Mail or Electronically Send Your Invoices.

Upload 1 or 100,000+ Invoices. Period. Thats All.

Upload your Invoices 24/7.

You don't have to remember who wants emailed invoices and who wants printed invoices.

You don't have to buy envelopes or paper!

You don't have to buy toner or deal with printer issues.

You don't have to pay employees to stuff envelopes.

We Print, Mail, and Email Invoices to your Customers for YOU!

Once you upload your invoices, we AUTOMATICALLY print, fold and insert them into envelopes with YOUR logo. We print the receipients name on the envelopes along with the postal barcode to speed it along. We meter the envelopes and we deliver them to the post office.

Your customer’s can log on to your online bill pay site at any time and they can sign up for electronic billing. If they do signup, our system will AUTOMATICALLY email their invoice the next time one is processed, saving you tons of postage.


#1 – Provide Sample Files

In order to setup your account, we need samples of your invoices.

Bronze or Silver Plan:  Provide your invoices to us in PDF format. If your software does not have an easy way to create PDFs of your documents, then we will help you install a print driver so you can “print” to a PDF file.

Gold Plan: If you are on the Gold plan and you have large mail volumes, it may be easier if you provide data files to us and have us create the documents. If we determine this to be true, we will work with you to design your documents using data from the data files that you provide.

#2 – We Setup Your eDeliveryManager Portal and Online Bill Pay Website

This part is handled by our staff.  Gold and Silver plans can be setup within 24 hours. We will setup your OnLine Bill Pay Website with your logo and colors. We will program our system to extract the data points from your documents. Items such as mailing address, invoice number, and invoice amount will be captured. Each time you upload an invoice or document, our system “reads” the mailing address as well as other key data points, such as the account number, due date, and invoice amount.

 #3 – Testing & Training

We will give you a 30 minute online training session. You will be shown how to upload files to the system as well as all of the features and functionality of the eDeliveryManager Portal. At this point, you can start uploading files and see how the system works, but nothing will be sent to your customer yet.

#4 – Ready to Start!

Once you give us the go-ahead, we will turn on the live service. At this point you can upload your invoices to the system each time you generate a batch. This can be done one or more times a day or once a month, depending on your billing cycles. In order for the system to function, the only thing you have to do is upload your documents!


#1. Create PDF copies of your invoices.

#2 Upload using the eDeliveryManager Portal